Treat your boss like one of your mates if not less.

I find that in all my working life I have had excellent rapport with my bosses. Some to the extent where I really should have been fired many times over but due to our friendship, my laziness and work flaws were magically overlooked.

From about month number one into a job I find it completely fine to start addressing your boss as mate or as I like to use, 'young man'. This is friendly and subtly lets the boss know that you wont be intimidated by his position.

I also love to use the 'here's trouble' line whenever I see a superior. They secretly love to be thought of as cool and mischievous even if they clearly are not. Theres a whole range of situations like these that you can exploit and in turn stand out from the crowd of scared little sheep that make up your workspace.

Most people are boring, theres no doubt about it so it wont be too difficult to stand out in such a world. Doing things that subordinates usually wouldn't do (don't overdo it) will get you a step ahead of joe boring who sits at his desk for 10 hours and says nothing.

Are you a stand out at work?
or are you the 99%?

If your boss happens to be like Ricky Gervais, you wont even need to be his mate, you'll already have the upper hand on that stupid son of a bitch.