I'm fascinated by persuasion. I wonder how persuasive I am? I'm always skeptical of anyone that tries to tell me to do something / sell me something for their benefit. I have zero interest in politics and have no direct contact with politicians whatsoever, but I am becoming ever more skeptical of them. 

What is their purpose? Do they really care for you and I? Do they really want to make it a better place for us to live? Why are there only ever 2 real competitive parties in any democratic government? Why aren't there 15 choices?  
We vote but does anything really change? Small level changes maybe, But what really changes for you and I. 

I say fuck all. 

We are bombarded with bullshit on a day to day basis via the TV news. 
What are your first thoughts when I say ISRAEL? 

Are you thinking bombs? Are you thinking constant bloodshed and terror? 

Have you been to Israel? 

If not, how do you come to such conclusions? 
Where did you see such things? 
Internet? News? Radio? 

What if Israel has been falsely represented by one media outlet and repeated by another, and another and so on? What if it was a beautiful place with fun loving people?
Because I can tell you it is. It is a wonderful place and I urge anyone to visit, and I guarantee you will have a great time.

Imagine if the powers that be, above our prime ministers and politicians, powers that these individuals wouldn't even know about, have hijacked our sources of information? Couldn't they just tell us what they wanted us to hear? 

For what? For whatever they need. 

I mean if we see it with our own eyes, it must be true right? 

How gullible are we?  

I think we, as a species need to look deeper into these types of issues. Lets say hypothetically you are a child killer. You are put in front of a camera which beams that feed to every household on earth. You are asked the dreaded question did you kill that child? 

You answer yes. You are now a child killer and the world hates and probably wants to kill you. If you answer no, you are free, the world has let you off the hook. 

Does this not still make you a child killer?    

Control information and you control perception. 

Mass media can change world perception with one story. Does that mean that story is true? Ask questions before being fed answers.

How gullible are you? 

MIND OF A SALESMAN - I am soooooo much better than you.

Every time I go into an electronics store in this country Im harassed by salesmen. Then when I tell them I'm just having a look they constantly ask a look at what? 

Ill fucking let you know mate, when I've decided what it is I'm fucking looking at. 

When you finally do find something and are in need of assistance 
(from another salesmen coz the first one is always the store cunt) 
the guy is rude about product availability, he starts asking questions about why you would want it etc, generally the most condescending dick you can probably come in contact with in a retail outlet in Sydney. 

Me               "Hey boss, you got any X in stock" 
Sales Clerk    "Oh haha we are like sold out"  
Me               "when are you getting more in?" 
Sales Cunt     "oh haha oh, they come in daily" 
Me               "so you're getting more in today?" 
Sales Cunt        "aah yeah we get more in liiiiike every day...." 

Me     "ok sweet can you contact me when they come in?" 
Sales Cunt      "I don't know how many we're liiiiiiike getting, and I don't know what time they are liiiiike going to get  here."
Me                "cool heres my number let me know when they arrive"
Sales Cunt        "hahaha no. we actually aren't meant to liiiiiike just sell  them... we cant take down liiiiiike the number of everyone who wants one so yeeeeeeeeeaah. 

Thanks for your help RETARD. 

What am I supposed to do. Stand in the store for 8 hours and wait for them to come in? Do I visit every hour on the fuckin hour and ask the cunt the same question?  

Fuck it!

Electronic stores in Australia are shit. Not all, but most.

Friendly  Sales 
Cunts  Fuck off I'm never shopping here again.  

Online is the way to go if you don't want to deal with people who:

a) Cant speak english 
b) Think they are better than you
c) Are cunts 


First of all I want to say much respect to all the Australians who got overseas and supported the Socceroos during this years world cup.

Much, much respect.

Though I... Do have some issues....

The Australian Fanatics: 


If you haven't heard of the Fanatics, they are a bunch of sporting supporters who travel the globe in support of Australia. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for country support, But if you are going to support the socceroos you better do some fucking research before you turn up to a game in the thousands (once again, much respect) to then sit down the entire match and relax with your chilli dog and beer. 

Well done in getting the numbers out to the games, welly welly well done, but you, as a collective group of sporting fans are the worst I have ever seen at any Socceroos match in my life. Game one we came up against the might of Germany, a game in which we needed the crowd support most. Standing in a group of 15 - 20 was little o'l me and some die hard Socceroos supporters belting out cheers in support of our great nation, when what do we hear? What do we fucking hear? 

Some cunt yells out from the crowd telling us to sit down, poor soul can't see the game. Then he's joined by a bunch of his Fanatics mates jeering and yelling at the lot of us to sit the fuck down? Now, sorry if this came as a shock to me but when I'm at the football I do not take kindly to sitting down. So we basically shunned them and kept standing cheering on the boys. 8-10mins later we've got South African security on our ass telling us people cant see the fucking game and could we sit down. 

Dobbed in by our own countrymen. 

We all turn around and angrily tell them to get the fuck up. No deal. The Fanatics had won. 

Sitting there pissed off their heads jeering the true fans who stand and support the team. Herein lies the major issue with most of our sporting fans. Ninety percent of you don't know fuck about football. Ninety percent of you weren't at Germany 2006 coz you didn't fucking think we'd make it, and you are fucking telling us to sit the fuck down? This is football you morons. This is not cricket! This is not fucking rugby league, we don't sit and only make noise when someone scores. WE CHEER AN HOUR BEFORE THE MATCH, LET ALONE THE ACTUAL MATCH!!

This is the biggest sport in the world, and we are playing on the largest stage! Respect to those of you who do get out and support Australia, but what I saw this year in South Africa was you, the fanatics, the bandwagon supporters, are more concerned about how long the fucking beer line is then getting your fat asses up and supporting the team, at the WORLD CUP!

Fanatics get great numbers, but you do fuck all when it counts. Take your stupid wanker hats and jackets and fuck off. 

Alternatively stand up and support the team. Maybe you wont be as collectively hated by the actual football community. 



Another World Cup over. A new nation crowned champions. Another lesson for Australian soccer? I do hope so. How can we, a football mino, become champions of the world?

There has been a lot of talk of getting a better coach after Pim Verbeek's struggles in this campaign but I'm not liking the smell of that cheese. Yes, we will need a new coach but in four, even eight years time, what are our players going to be like? We might get lucky! We might have 10 Harry Kewell's and 3 Schwarzer's, but i doubt it. 

We are a sporting nation, and in turn, expect big things from all our sporting teams. Why have we dominated world cricket? Rugby union? League? Tennis? Swimming? The list goes on! Apologies if I've left out your preferential vote.  

We are dominating these sports because as kids, we all love to play them. What Aussie kid hasn't played cricket in the back yard? Hell I don't even like the sport, in fact, I find it one of the most boring in the world, and even I, can hold my own on the pitch, whether it be with bat or ball, why? Because of my constant exposure and practice at a young age. 

This goes for all sports in which we are world contenders. In my travels to Germany and just recently South Africa for Socceroos supporting duties, I spoke to many people of much more mature football cultures, namely Brazilians and Germans. 
In Germany we went out every day and found a random soccer pitch beautifully covered with astroturf in almost every town we visited. Kids, teens and grown men were all playing against each other just for fun. 

I was amazed at the amount of people playing soccer all over the country. In Australia during the summer the friggin goals get taken down! So you cant even go to a field and kick a friggin goal! Because there all bloody gone. I talked to a bunch of Brazilians just a couple of weeks ago in SA. I asked them why? WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO FREAKISHLY AWESOME! I mean these guys were 18, 19 year olds and would easily slot into the Socceroos team in any position. 

I consider myself an adequate player, having played Futsal and outdoor all my life. These guys schooled the lot of us and I mean SCHOOLED(we had a friendly match on some random Johannesburg school field). As they shattered my somewhat massive ego, I thought to myself I've played all my life... 3, some years, 4 times a week and I cant touch these kids.  

They told me that they hated playing on a full field "too much running" I was confused... Ronaldo... Kaka.... Ronaldinho! All play at the highest level and at one time or another have been named best in the world. He saw my face(WTF KID?) and went on to explain how kids in brazil grow up only playing one game, football. They play not to increase their fitness or to win a game no no... 

They play to make it look beautiful. The more tricks you can do the more popular you are. Every Brazilian kids dream is to play football. Now I'm not suggesting we kill all our other sports and only raise kids on soccer, but do you get where I'm heading with this little debate? It's grass roots people, we have the answer its been proven in all our other sporting codes. 

This is not news to most of us I'm sure, but someone needs to implement a strategy to go forward. Its not only a good coach that will help you win World Cup's, you need culture. You need a nation who understands what it is to play football and play it well. Fitness and speed, something Australian's have in abundance, are no match for football finesse. Football intelligence and football culture.

We can become world champions. It's not gonna happen over night. It's probably not gonna happen for a good 40 years, but we can do it if we adapt to the football culture that will take us there. 

GET OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

This one snuck up on me. Actually, I was told about it by one of my mates last night as we watched the World Cup Final (well done Barcelona). 

mate ) "you seen the Mortal Kombat trailer" 
      I ) "fuck! what"  
mate ) "It look pretty good" 

I left off the 's' in looks as my mate is asian and I enjoy friendly racism from time to time. So I just remembered and checked it out. 

Hollywood is dying there is no doubt in my mind. I'm pretty sure Kill Bill no! Sin City!! Was the last film I enjoyed at the cinema. Apart from that, by god has there been some utter vile shit come out.

I mean, I'll watch it. It'll most likely be shithouse, but if we suspend all thought, put aside all reason and lower our collective expectations to zero It should be fun.

Hit up the trailer HERE:


Yes, yes I know, I'm that guy who likes koRn. Every circle of friends has one and I'm him. Now let me take you on a short ass journey....

New Album in less then 30 words?  

Pretty Damn SOLID!!!

I've been a die hard koRn fan since I was 12 years old. They got me into the whole metal thing and I've never turned back. In recent years even I can say my confidence in the bands ability to bring out one more decent album has not been sky high.

Take a Look in the mirror for me, was their last good album, not great, but good. Then came see you on the other side... it's best tracks were on the special edition CD. 

Untitled I must say had some good tracks but not Korn-esque. Korn III, is pretty damn solid but I cant help think that my brain has come to this conclusion out of sheer desperation.

It has me going back again and again. Day by day it grows on me, whispering my name, "play me" "love me" and I may just be...

You want my rating Fine!! 

7 / 10 so go pick up a copy at JB where I did 24.95 baby!! 

mmmmmmmmmm KooooooRRRRn


Sheeeeit I'm just playin. I don't actually beleive you are a loser if you spell correctly, I'm just covering my own arse when the spelling fairies come knocking.

Reading back some of my work(something I should do pre posting) I've realised how terrible my spelling can get. Apologies in advance to the spelling elite among us, I can spell most of the time so just get off my crack.

One thing I can spell? Spanish glory!!

Come on Barcelona!! or Spain if you prefer.


I think I'm gonna get a Jabulani ball. For no other reason than to tell the world media to fuck off after I take that first sweet kick. The Teamgiest from germany was an unbelievable ball, the best ive ever used, and if I recall was panned by critics world wide for its unpredictability. It seems as though the only predictable thing in world cups these days is the conspiracy to get rid of adidas as the official ball supplier. I do feel as though all countries should get the ball at the same time..... socceroos 14 days before the tournament..... germany...... 14 months. When I say 14 I mean closer to 8 but it looks better on the eye to have number rhyms right? 
Anyhow Im getting one and I bet its fuckin brilliant.

[photo of me doing mad jabulani 90metre bombs coming soon]

kathy griffin you are the most disgustingly shit comedian on earth

Kathy Griffin you are an old non funny sack of red orangutan shit. Who actually thinks kathy griffin is funny? If you do, you are a fucking moron, no offence though. Life on the D list would be fucking setting the bar way to high for this dumb bitch. As you may have noticed this is what's on tv at 355am before the soccer starts over here.

oh oh!!! its on!! fuck of griffin. Come on Uruguay!!