I think I'm gonna get a Jabulani ball. For no other reason than to tell the world media to fuck off after I take that first sweet kick. The Teamgiest from germany was an unbelievable ball, the best ive ever used, and if I recall was panned by critics world wide for its unpredictability. It seems as though the only predictable thing in world cups these days is the conspiracy to get rid of adidas as the official ball supplier. I do feel as though all countries should get the ball at the same time..... socceroos 14 days before the tournament..... germany...... 14 months. When I say 14 I mean closer to 8 but it looks better on the eye to have number rhyms right? 
Anyhow Im getting one and I bet its fuckin brilliant.

[photo of me doing mad jabulani 90metre bombs coming soon]

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