Lindsay Logan goes to jail. Who gives a flying fuck? Well apparently everyone as its been picked up by every fucking news network in the world. Why do people take such an interest in this stuff? Well, the media can be to blame.

Our lives are continually being led by media preference. We care about this shit because that's what they feed us. We are so conditioned to take in and then converse about the 'news' that we lap it up with no rejection. Take a step back. How much do you give a rats cunt that this washed up druggo slut is now in jail? Why do you care? Please tell me, I want to know. There must be something better to do than following this drug fuck whores path to jail?

Stories that gain so much popularity saddens me but also makes me pretty glad. Why? Because the more retards that lap up this shit means there are more individuals that are dumber than you and I. I’m no brain surgeon, don’t get me wrong, but I am disgusted by the shit that people are fascinated by in this day and age. The media can run anything they want. Think about that. They are feeding us garbage and we are becoming retards.  

Get a fucking clue. Pull your shit together because as it stands, others are pulling it together for us, and cramming it right back up our ass.

Do you think for yourself?
Do you rely on the media to give you ‘news’ to make you feel smart?

Read a book. Travel. Do anything except watch the fuckin 6oclock news! It is making you dumber, and I…………. want to kill you more. 

Black parents shock doctors with white baby

So... Theres no DNA evidence that this baby is in fact the product of the man in the picture, but the entire world has dubbed this a miracle baby? 

Until I see proof, I don't want to hear anyone tell me about this absolute horse shit story. Are we all fucking brain dead? 

Why is this even in the news? Your wife fucked another bloke mate...  

Wait. WAIT!! 

This may be genius in disguise . If indeed the husband has his doubts, he has done the right thing. Hopefully this bullshit leads to a public test! The man gets his answer (she cheated on him) the woman kills herself not being able to cope with the shame. 

You brilliant bastard, man in picture. Hats off to you sir!

Fucking 99% 



I'm back to work and hence have exponentially less time to write, let alone stay awake past 3pm, but I'm back!! and with part one of what I will call the how to make friends series or better yet! How to not be hated by everyone.  


No one likes a know it all.
If you are that guy / girl in the office who has the first answer to everyones question or goes out of your way to let everyone know the vast knowledge you have on a particular subject, I guarantee you are being laughed at behind your back. 
Everyone wants to think they are intelligent. If you takeover every situation with your answers, they are associating you! With them not being smart. Big mistake. It is almost always in most situations better to act like you are genuinely surprised by things that people tell you. Eg. 

A workmate tells you there are new speed cameras coming on july 16. 
Is your response: 

a ) Yeah! Everyone knows that. 
b ) Oh really? Well, we better not speed then. 

If you chose A, you may fall into the category known as the know-it-all. Even If you knew what they were telling you just act like it was news to you, people subconsciously feel better thinking they just added to your life. Perfecting this art takes practice but once implemented your on your way to making friends every time you converse with people.

Sometimes it's better to hold your tongue, let someone else have the light, you will soon notice people may talk to you, instead of laughing at you, behind your back. 

Give it a try.