Black parents shock doctors with white baby

So... Theres no DNA evidence that this baby is in fact the product of the man in the picture, but the entire world has dubbed this a miracle baby? 

Until I see proof, I don't want to hear anyone tell me about this absolute horse shit story. Are we all fucking brain dead? 

Why is this even in the news? Your wife fucked another bloke mate...  

Wait. WAIT!! 

This may be genius in disguise . If indeed the husband has his doubts, he has done the right thing. Hopefully this bullshit leads to a public test! The man gets his answer (she cheated on him) the woman kills herself not being able to cope with the shame. 

You brilliant bastard, man in picture. Hats off to you sir!

Fucking 99% 


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  1. Anonymous10/10/2011

    You are an idiot. If you'd bothered to do any research at all, you would have realised your idiocy prior to posting and perhaps saved spreading even further myth and ignorance. Try the Google, mate. It works wonders.