Lindsay Logan goes to jail. Who gives a flying fuck? Well apparently everyone as its been picked up by every fucking news network in the world. Why do people take such an interest in this stuff? Well, the media can be to blame.

Our lives are continually being led by media preference. We care about this shit because that's what they feed us. We are so conditioned to take in and then converse about the 'news' that we lap it up with no rejection. Take a step back. How much do you give a rats cunt that this washed up druggo slut is now in jail? Why do you care? Please tell me, I want to know. There must be something better to do than following this drug fuck whores path to jail?

Stories that gain so much popularity saddens me but also makes me pretty glad. Why? Because the more retards that lap up this shit means there are more individuals that are dumber than you and I. I’m no brain surgeon, don’t get me wrong, but I am disgusted by the shit that people are fascinated by in this day and age. The media can run anything they want. Think about that. They are feeding us garbage and we are becoming retards.  

Get a fucking clue. Pull your shit together because as it stands, others are pulling it together for us, and cramming it right back up our ass.

Do you think for yourself?
Do you rely on the media to give you ‘news’ to make you feel smart?

Read a book. Travel. Do anything except watch the fuckin 6oclock news! It is making you dumber, and I…………. want to kill you more. 

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