Every fuckin job ive ever had, every single one, ive had a blast. Whether it be from cooking chicken at the local KFC, to directing news bulletins, I've had a blast. There's just one thing that plagues my near perfect fun times at work, its the fucking one cunt that everyone hates but for some reason wont leave.

You know the one I'm talking about right? He/she is the fucking moron who talks too much about what they know. The one who is socially retarded in every way. The one who hears a joke made by a coworker and then repeats it 45 mins later, still in the presence of that very same coworker. The one who thinks they know best at all times. The one who everyone wants to secretly kill behind their back.

Why is there a fucking dead shit in every workplace? What is it about these people that they can a) get hired in the first place and b) don't get fired. Well usually these people are pretty decent at their job. Despite the fact they are universally and  obliviously hated, they still keep punching on. These people usually are very bad at reading cues, for example they try to talk to you, you answer quickly, your body is turning away you clearly want to get away, they keep going and going and going.

They have terrible people skills. They are usually very self centred and only really ask questions about you to set up their own gloat sesh. Do you have people like this in your workplace? 

if so, please let me know how to get rid of them. NOW    


Ok so my movie viewing isn't what it used to be, namely because of the horse shit that has been on show for the better part of the last 7 years. Maybe sin city was truly the best and last movie Ive seen for about 5 years. 

So, I watched The invention of lying last night and it was horrifically terrible ricky Gervais is brilliant in his shows but his films have left a lot to be desired and this film is no different. It was not funny at all. The world in which no one could lie was terribly set up and no comedy came from anyone telling the truth. bla bla bla the film was shit. 

But... one thing that I Fucking loved!!!!! and has lifted the films score from zero to about a 6 or 7, is the fact that religion is fuckin dragged through the dirt, BOOM!!

Ricky gervais in the film, in order to make people feel happy, in the film tells them all that there is a man in the sky who does good and bad things bla bla bla. Basically touting religion as a lie. FUCK YES I love that shit. MUCH RESPECT FOR MAKING GOD THE BUT OF A FUCKING JOKE FOR ONCE well done sir. 

Apart from that hilarity, the film is a complete waste of time. 

6.5  for god bashing
1.1  without


Popularity is more important than hard slog labor. do you work your arse off? Are you sweating over the deadlines whilst others cruise on by? There is a reason for this, it's because the individuals at work with better charisma charm and people skills are always Going to have a better chance at getting ahead than Joe hard slog no personality. 


People, all people, whether they are a superior or just a co-worker want to be entertained, they too want to enjoy the working day. By associating with the fun easy going individuals, others enjoy their work day more. These individuals make work worth turning up for, and are a bonus to have in any company.

Just remember getting good at your job is only half the battle. Being socially inept will see you lose out time and time again. Are you making the workplace come alive? If not, you may just be setting yourself up for mass progress halt.