I'm fascinated by persuasion. I wonder how persuasive I am? I'm always skeptical of anyone that tries to tell me to do something / sell me something for their benefit. I have zero interest in politics and have no direct contact with politicians whatsoever, but I am becoming ever more skeptical of them. 

What is their purpose? Do they really care for you and I? Do they really want to make it a better place for us to live? Why are there only ever 2 real competitive parties in any democratic government? Why aren't there 15 choices?  
We vote but does anything really change? Small level changes maybe, But what really changes for you and I. 

I say fuck all. 

We are bombarded with bullshit on a day to day basis via the TV news. 
What are your first thoughts when I say ISRAEL? 

Are you thinking bombs? Are you thinking constant bloodshed and terror? 

Have you been to Israel? 

If not, how do you come to such conclusions? 
Where did you see such things? 
Internet? News? Radio? 

What if Israel has been falsely represented by one media outlet and repeated by another, and another and so on? What if it was a beautiful place with fun loving people?
Because I can tell you it is. It is a wonderful place and I urge anyone to visit, and I guarantee you will have a great time.

Imagine if the powers that be, above our prime ministers and politicians, powers that these individuals wouldn't even know about, have hijacked our sources of information? Couldn't they just tell us what they wanted us to hear? 

For what? For whatever they need. 

I mean if we see it with our own eyes, it must be true right? 

How gullible are we?  

I think we, as a species need to look deeper into these types of issues. Lets say hypothetically you are a child killer. You are put in front of a camera which beams that feed to every household on earth. You are asked the dreaded question did you kill that child? 

You answer yes. You are now a child killer and the world hates and probably wants to kill you. If you answer no, you are free, the world has let you off the hook. 

Does this not still make you a child killer?    

Control information and you control perception. 

Mass media can change world perception with one story. Does that mean that story is true? Ask questions before being fed answers.

How gullible are you? 

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