MIND OF A SALESMAN - I am soooooo much better than you.

Every time I go into an electronics store in this country Im harassed by salesmen. Then when I tell them I'm just having a look they constantly ask a look at what? 

Ill fucking let you know mate, when I've decided what it is I'm fucking looking at. 

When you finally do find something and are in need of assistance 
(from another salesmen coz the first one is always the store cunt) 
the guy is rude about product availability, he starts asking questions about why you would want it etc, generally the most condescending dick you can probably come in contact with in a retail outlet in Sydney. 

Me               "Hey boss, you got any X in stock" 
Sales Clerk    "Oh haha we are like sold out"  
Me               "when are you getting more in?" 
Sales Cunt     "oh haha oh, they come in daily" 
Me               "so you're getting more in today?" 
Sales Cunt        "aah yeah we get more in liiiiike every day...." 

Me     "ok sweet can you contact me when they come in?" 
Sales Cunt      "I don't know how many we're liiiiiiike getting, and I don't know what time they are liiiiike going to get  here."
Me                "cool heres my number let me know when they arrive"
Sales Cunt        "hahaha no. we actually aren't meant to liiiiiike just sell  them... we cant take down liiiiiike the number of everyone who wants one so yeeeeeeeeeaah. 

Thanks for your help RETARD. 

What am I supposed to do. Stand in the store for 8 hours and wait for them to come in? Do I visit every hour on the fuckin hour and ask the cunt the same question?  

Fuck it!

Electronic stores in Australia are shit. Not all, but most.

Friendly  Sales 
Cunts  Fuck off I'm never shopping here again.  

Online is the way to go if you don't want to deal with people who:

a) Cant speak english 
b) Think they are better than you
c) Are cunts 

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