First of all I want to say much respect to all the Australians who got overseas and supported the Socceroos during this years world cup.

Much, much respect.

Though I... Do have some issues....

The Australian Fanatics: 


If you haven't heard of the Fanatics, they are a bunch of sporting supporters who travel the globe in support of Australia. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for country support, But if you are going to support the socceroos you better do some fucking research before you turn up to a game in the thousands (once again, much respect) to then sit down the entire match and relax with your chilli dog and beer. 

Well done in getting the numbers out to the games, welly welly well done, but you, as a collective group of sporting fans are the worst I have ever seen at any Socceroos match in my life. Game one we came up against the might of Germany, a game in which we needed the crowd support most. Standing in a group of 15 - 20 was little o'l me and some die hard Socceroos supporters belting out cheers in support of our great nation, when what do we hear? What do we fucking hear? 

Some cunt yells out from the crowd telling us to sit down, poor soul can't see the game. Then he's joined by a bunch of his Fanatics mates jeering and yelling at the lot of us to sit the fuck down? Now, sorry if this came as a shock to me but when I'm at the football I do not take kindly to sitting down. So we basically shunned them and kept standing cheering on the boys. 8-10mins later we've got South African security on our ass telling us people cant see the fucking game and could we sit down. 

Dobbed in by our own countrymen. 

We all turn around and angrily tell them to get the fuck up. No deal. The Fanatics had won. 

Sitting there pissed off their heads jeering the true fans who stand and support the team. Herein lies the major issue with most of our sporting fans. Ninety percent of you don't know fuck about football. Ninety percent of you weren't at Germany 2006 coz you didn't fucking think we'd make it, and you are fucking telling us to sit the fuck down? This is football you morons. This is not cricket! This is not fucking rugby league, we don't sit and only make noise when someone scores. WE CHEER AN HOUR BEFORE THE MATCH, LET ALONE THE ACTUAL MATCH!!

This is the biggest sport in the world, and we are playing on the largest stage! Respect to those of you who do get out and support Australia, but what I saw this year in South Africa was you, the fanatics, the bandwagon supporters, are more concerned about how long the fucking beer line is then getting your fat asses up and supporting the team, at the WORLD CUP!

Fanatics get great numbers, but you do fuck all when it counts. Take your stupid wanker hats and jackets and fuck off. 

Alternatively stand up and support the team. Maybe you wont be as collectively hated by the actual football community. 


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