Yes, yes I know, I'm that guy who likes koRn. Every circle of friends has one and I'm him. Now let me take you on a short ass journey....

New Album in less then 30 words?  

Pretty Damn SOLID!!!

I've been a die hard koRn fan since I was 12 years old. They got me into the whole metal thing and I've never turned back. In recent years even I can say my confidence in the bands ability to bring out one more decent album has not been sky high.

Take a Look in the mirror for me, was their last good album, not great, but good. Then came see you on the other side... it's best tracks were on the special edition CD. 

Untitled I must say had some good tracks but not Korn-esque. Korn III, is pretty damn solid but I cant help think that my brain has come to this conclusion out of sheer desperation.

It has me going back again and again. Day by day it grows on me, whispering my name, "play me" "love me" and I may just be...

You want my rating Fine!! 

7 / 10 so go pick up a copy at JB where I did 24.95 baby!! 

mmmmmmmmmm KooooooRRRRn

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