GET OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

This one snuck up on me. Actually, I was told about it by one of my mates last night as we watched the World Cup Final (well done Barcelona). 

mate ) "you seen the Mortal Kombat trailer" 
      I ) "fuck! what"  
mate ) "It look pretty good" 

I left off the 's' in looks as my mate is asian and I enjoy friendly racism from time to time. So I just remembered and checked it out. 

Hollywood is dying there is no doubt in my mind. I'm pretty sure Kill Bill no! Sin City!! Was the last film I enjoyed at the cinema. Apart from that, by god has there been some utter vile shit come out.

I mean, I'll watch it. It'll most likely be shithouse, but if we suspend all thought, put aside all reason and lower our collective expectations to zero It should be fun.

Hit up the trailer HERE:

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