Beware the bringer of gifts

I am constantly surprised by the number of people who feel it necessary to bring in food and sweets for other people at work. Why do they do this? Why do they feel the need to bring in shit for us to consume, can we not feed ourselves, are they just being nice? I have a better explanation. 

Anyone who constantly gives gifts or brings in sweets and or other goods for their workmates, is the loser of the office. I say office, but I refer to any workplace. These are the people that are usually fat. They have very low levels of self esteem and the only way they think they are going to win friends is by giving away food and sweets and so on. 

There is generosity yes, but generosity comes from a different place. Generosity is spontaneous, it is circumstantial kindness when help is needed. Gift giving is almost like calculated murder. You plan to give the gifts, so you can gain friendship in return. 

Have a think about the types of people you know to be over givers. I think you will be shocked at how lacking in friends these people are...

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