People at the top are usually nice, welcoming, easygoing, well tempered sane individuals. They are like this because they are at the top and are confident and secure of their own existence. 

People at the next level down from the top are usually the complete opposite. They want you to think they are at the top. They try and give the illusion that they are at the top end of the spectrum, and they may well be, but if they are not the top I can guarantee one thing. THEY ARE MASSIVE FUCKING CUNTS. 

These are the low life fuckers you will come across when going into almost any job. These guys are the cunts who wont talk to you out of fear of being seen with you, a lesser individual. An individual who will 'kill' their rep in the company. BULLSHIT.  

They will be short with you and generally just not speak to you even if you speak to them. They will do everything they can, not to help you out and will pretty much drive you insane. 

These people will only turn to you when you are on level footing with them in the company. So guess what, fuck them. Put them aside and get on with what it is you should be doing, befriending everyone else and turning them against those who chose to write you off. 

The most satisfying part of working life for me personally is to see my coworkers, due to my increased popularity, slowly but surely turn against those who I secretly fucking hate. Little tidbits of information and tales of dislike will open peoples eyes to the cunt they really are. Your new work friends will unite and eventually take these mother fuckers down in a blazing inferno of glory! 

Think before you treat the new kid like shit, because the new kid may just be a social genius. Treat him with kindness and he will walk happily by… treat him like a piece of shit and he may just fuck your life.

And you didn't even know it was him. 


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  1. arseholes are only to shit or to be f.cked
    as you already know =)