Respect is a term that gets thrown at me all the time. Why? Apparently I have very little. Now I believe you must earn respect, so when I start a new job or meet someone new I expect them to understand this unwritten law. I am not going to pander to your pussy ass ego and make you feel like you deserve the respect right off the bat. I don't fucking know ya! You could be a rapist murderer by night and a fucking CEO by day. 

Respect, In my eyes takes time to build. You cant announce your so called 'title' and expect everyone to drop their shit and come running to praise you...wait. Most people probably will, but why? These are the deluded individuals that think by sucking their superiors asses they are gonna get somewhere. This may work for a time, but it will die out in the long run. People deep down want to be challenged, they want to see you have a sense of self worth, go against the norm, demand some respect for yourself but don't overdo it. 

Just keep those sons of bitches guessing whether you respect them or not. Early on they may feel uncomfortable with you not adhering to their rules but after a short while you will rise to the top of their mental charts. They will never let you know that you are on 'their side' but you will know. 

Note: If someone needs to ask you to respect them, they have some underlying self esteem issues. Don't make that apparent to them or anyone else, jut take the information as a sign they have a weakness inside, a weakness which may very well see them working for you one day. 

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