If people think you are enjoying their company, they will tend to like you more. If you are openly bored by them in every way, most people will get the hint and steer clear of you. 

Note: Im assuming you are putting these skills to practise in the workplace for your own personal rise up the corporate ladder. If you genuinely like someone thats great, but if you don't, you must fake it till you make it. 

If someone is trying to be funny, act like you find it funny. If they are telling you something important to them but fuck all meaningful to yourself, act like it is important too! Get my drift? be fluid, like everyone and everyone will like you. Being a person of this nature is very important in office politics because one bad word from someone more popular than yourself will spread like wild fire, no-one wants to associate themselves with THAT guy. 

Along the way you will find people that you fucking hate and want to murder over and over again. People will push you to your very limits, but you must stay strong. Like and be liked. If you are hating on everyone, then everyone will hate you. 


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