Champions League April 27: Mourinho enjoys the view from a small step while hairy man tries desperately to lick him....

Room with a view. Jose Mourinho enjoys the better part of the second half in the stands with a hairy man tying to lick his face. 

This mornings match was yet again another typical Mourinho performance. All the build up was brilliantly orchestrated by the special one, resulting in one of the more heated Classico's in recent years, brilliant stuff. 

Shame it didn't pay off. 

Before Pepe's red card I think it would have ended a draw, the game was scrappy and compact with both sides squeezing the shit out of each other. 

How 'Lass' Diara didn't get 8 yellow cards is beyond me. The man was raping everything on the pitch. 

Pepe was hard done by for the occasion. 

Messi did what he does and won it for Barca. Magic. 

Mourinho's post match presser was hilarious and I'm sure a size 48 UEFA boot will be up his ass by nightfall. 

Cant wait for the return leg. 

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