The royal wedding is almost among us!!!!!!!!

Why does anyone give a fuck about the royal wedding? They are just two human beings having a fucking wedding. Everyone does it, who gives a shit. 

Apparently Australian's do???!!! Every fucking time I move my eyeballs in another direction I am bombarded with this horse shit!!

What will she wear? Who will be on the guest list? Where will they honeymoon? How many tits is she gonna flop out? How this is even remotely interesting to anyone is beyond my small brains comprehension.

I'm sorry, I just can't see the point in making this the story of the century. Give it a mention, ok, fine, I can deal with that but front page top story headlines for two weeks? Fuck my face off.

Anyone who is interested in this shit is a deadshit, kill yourself, you are wasting my air. How is this wedding going to add to your life? If you answered more than zero in your tiny pea dick head.... Fuck you.

Get a fucking life.

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