Do you feel like you've lost your soul after doing this?

I don't know why I do this, but I do, and after I've done it, I'm left feeling dead inside.

What could I be doing to leave me in such a state?


What does this achieve you wonder?

Well, nothing positive.

A dipshit will come up to me and say hello, I'll greet them and have a quick chat about their day bla bla dick. They then feel the need to try and say something funny.... This is where it all turns to shit. I'm talking about the retards who you don't consider a friend, but think you like them at least enough to bare their attempts at humor.

They hit you with one of their pathetic jokes and what do you do? It's so shit I feel like telling them to stop breathing, but instead I laugh..... I laugh convincingly too!

I don't entirely understand why I feel the need to give unfunny morons sympathy laughs but I do it and it makes my balls hurt. Now some may think this is just being polite, which it is. One problem I have with it all is the fact that once you give someone that first fake laugh, you open the floodgates for years of painful fucking retard jokes which you also will have to laugh at to continue on the niceness!

I want to stab them in the groin with a blunt object. It can't just be me who has encountered this shit. This is a disease....

And it must be stopped!!!

- Posted by me

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